November 11 - Parashat Lech Lecha

David Bassous - Rabbi
Ray Morris - President

Simcha Kiddush on December 24

We like to thank the following people for sponsoring:

  • David and Rachel Weintraub - For our good fortunes
  • Ray and Gloria Morris - In honor of Rachel Teicher and Uri Yarmush
  • Eli and Chana Bishburg - For the good health for congregation
  • Tzippy Russ-Fishbane - The Rabbi and the Community
  • Dina & Leo Horowitz - In honor of everyone

If you would like to help sponsor the Simcha Kiddush, go to Etz Ahaim's website and fill out the form.


  • Shachrit: 7:30am
  • New: Shir Hashirim: 4:05pm
  • Mincha and Arvit: 4:25am
  • Candle Lighting: 4:25pm

Shabbat Day

Full Range of Children's Groups: 9:45am - 11:30am

  • Boys 6 and up with Rabbi Krief in the Library
  • Girls 6 and up upstairs left classroom.
  • Children 3 - 5 upstairs right classroom
  • Class with Rabbi Ben Hakakain: Weekly Parsha and Halacha: 8:00am
  • Shachrit: 8:45am
  • Latest Shema: 8:28am
  • Kiddush: After Shachrit Services
    • Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Oslicke & Family
  • The Rebellion Against King David -- Rabbi Bassous: 3:15pm
  • Mincha: 5:00pm
  • Seuda Shelishit after Mincha
    • Sponsored by Daniel Rushefsky & Family in memory of his parents
    • Sponsored by Eliezer ben Yishayahu David & Hannah bat Mazal a"h
  • Arvit and Shabbat Ends: 5:25pm


  • Halacha/Parasha Class with Rabbi Ben Hakakian: 8:00am
  • Shacharit: 8:30am
  • Women's class: 10:00am
  • Shulchan Aruch Class: 3:55pm
  • Mincha and Arvit: 4:25pm


  • Shacharit: 6:30am
  • Shulchan Aruch Class 7:00pm
  • Arvit (Mon-Thursday): 7:30pm

Next Week - Friday Shacharit: 6:30am Shir Hashirim: 4:00pm Mincha: 4:19pm Candle lighting 4:19pm


  • Parsha and Halacha: Shabbat and Sunday: 8:00am
  • Nach: Shabbat: 3:15pm
  • Woman's Class: "Happiness" Sunday: 10:00am
  • Mishna-a-Day: Monday to Friday: 7:20am
  • Halacha-a-Day: Tuesday-Thursday: 7:00pm
  • Bitachon: Mondays: 8:00pm
  • Talmud Berachot: Tuesdays: 8:00pm

Weekly Bulletin

  • Breaking News!! Bikur Cholim of Raritan Valley is thrilled to announce the new hospitality room at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital! It is located on the main floor. Go through the main entrance and bear left towards the gift shop. Turn right through the double doors. Follow hall and turn right. The room is located opposite the surgical intensive care unit. You will find it fully stocked with food and any items that you might need. There is a microwave, urn, sink, table & chairs, For inquiries, please call the helpline at 732-572-7181

  • If you have an outstanding balance with Etz Ahaim, please send in your payment to help the Synagogue. Your help is appreciated.

  • If you are the last person to leave the building (except for Shabbat and Chaggim) make sure all the lights are out

  • If you are celebrating a simcha or want to remember a loved one, sponsor a kiddush is one of the best ways to mark the occation. Please contact Yvonne at 908-227-5194. To sponsor a seuda, call the shul at 732-247-3839.

Bikur Cholim of Congregation Etz Ahaim

  • Our Congregation has its own Bikur Cholim Committee. If you know of a congregant who is in the hospital or a nursing home and would like a visit, please let us know. If there is a Home-bound congregant who is in need of a visit or assistance, we can help. We may also be able to make contact with a Jewish Agency which may be able to provide additional services. Please call Rose Reiss at 732-828-7415.

  • Nursing Home Visitation: Seeking volunteers to visit Mollie Reuben, Esther Tucker, Red Mordoh, and Shirley Cohen and others at the Regency nursing home on DeMott Lane in Somerset. For more info or an updated list of residents requesting visitors, please call Rahel Baruh at 732-672-4673 or email

  • Transportation Committee: Drivers and coordinators needed. Coordinate rides to and from medical appointments - match requests with an available driver. Each coordinator serves for two weeks at a time. To volunteer to coordinate or to drive, please call Bikur Cholim hotline at 732-572-7181 or fill out the volunteer form on the website

The congregation extends get-well wishes to:

  • Al Benzilio
  • Soroh Rosen
  • Viktorya Koen
  • Avishai ben Esther
  • Galina bat Riva
  • Joey Cenci (Yoseph Michael ben Yael Rut)
  • Linda Balavram (Emuna bat Sarah)
  • Esther Tucker
  • Red Mordoh
  • Nancy Reich
  • Yehudah Reich
  • Benny Mayo
  • Mary Belsky
  • Esther Arouh
  • Lilas Saltiel
  • Donna Bardy
  • Mary Naar
  • Lita and Bradley Greenberg
  • Marcelo Schor
  • Sarah bat Naava
  • Perla bat Leah

Community News

  • The Highland Park Mikvah now has Tzedakah boxes! Please contact Aviva at to obtain one.
  • If you are purchasing from Amazon, please consider signing up with – a donation will be made to Park Mikvah.