8:00 PM20:00

Unfolding the Tuition Crisis

October 15 parlor meeting.jpg

Cordially invite you to join us for a discussion

Unfolding the Tuition Crisis

At the home of Leslie and Joshua Ostrin
221 Riverview Avenue, Highland Park NJ 08904

Monday, October 15
8 PM - 9 PM

About Teach NJS

Teach NJS is dedicated to securing government funding to ensure that nonpublic schools are better, safer, and more affordable.

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Unveiling for Esther Tucker
12:00 PM12:00

Unveiling for Esther Tucker

  • North Arlington Jewish Cemetary - Plot K171 (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Esther Tucker was a member of our Synagogue for a long time. Although she was disabled, she did her best to attend services and classes. She was outgoing, optimistic, and friendly. She always looked at the good in people, and even though resources were tight, would sponsor breakfasts on Sundays.

When Esther was no longer able to live alone, many of us helped her get accepted into the Regency Jewish Heritage Home on Demott Lane. Whenever someone visited her there, she was always cheerful and optimistic. 

She passed away last August at the nursing home. She had attended Mincha services and told the nurses she felt tired. They took her back to her room to rest before Maariv services, but she passed away by Maariv.

We are all honoring her memory by going to her unveiling. Contact us if you need a ride or can offer others a ride.

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Vote for Spencer Rockman!
to Aug 1

Vote for Spencer Rockman!


Synagogue member Spencer Rockman — the best soccer coach in the entire galaxy —  has been nominated for MSL Works! Community MVP.  If he wins, he will get a $25,000 donated to the charity of his choice! 

Spencer has been working with kids for almost five decades. His innovated approach has electrified and entertained tens of thousands through generations for almost five decades. His graduating players and coaches span the spectrum of the soccer community — U.S. National Team, Professionals, Olympics, College, High School, youth, and early childhood. And many of these kids have gone on to inspire other children.

Vote early and often! You can vote every 24 hours, so vote daily. You don't need to give your email address or any information. Simply go to his page and vote. It only takes a second, and the charity of his choice could win that $25,000.

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Name Not Numbers - An Oral History of the Holocaust
2:30 PM14:30

Name Not Numbers - An Oral History of the Holocaust


Every year, the RPRY 8th grade class interviews holocaust survivors and tells their personal stories in a film documentary called Names, not Numbers. It is a moving story of the individuals, their fight for survival, and the struggle of putting their lives back together after the war.

Congregation Ahavas Achim will be showing this on Tish'a B'Av, July 22 at 2:30pm.

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Six Restrictions On Tisha B'Av
to Jul 22

Six Restrictions On Tisha B'Av


There are six restrictions that take effect beginning 8.23 pm on Shabbat July 21 which must be observed till the end of Tisha Be’av, Sunday July 22 at 9.05 pm. 

  1. Eating and drinking, 
  2. Washing oneself,
  3. Rubbing oneself with oils or lotions, 
  4. Wearing leather shoes, 
  5. Marital relations. 
  6. Our Sages also prohibited learning Torah on Tisha Be’av, for the words of Torah gladden the heart.

    The only portions of Torah that one may study are the book of Iyov (Job), the prophecies regarding the destruction of the Temple in the book of Yirmeya (Jeremiah), the portions of Midrash and Talmud regarding the destruction of the Temple, the laws of mourning, and the like. One may likewise learn Mussar which arouses one to repent and humble the heart.

One may not wash one’s body on Tisha Be’av with either hot or cold water; One may not even stick one’s finger into water (for pleasure). Thus, on the morning of Tisha Be’av, one should wash one’s hands (Netilat Yadayim) only until one’s knuckles three times on each hand while alternating hands, and then recite the blessing of “Al Netilat Yadayim.” After using the restroom, one should wash one’s hands the same way, only until the knuckles.

One should not wash one’s face on the morning of Tisha Be’av; rather, after washing one’s hands, before drying them while they are still wet, one may rub them over one’s eyes. If one is extremely concerned about one’s personal hygiene and does not feel at ease with himself without washing one’s face in the morning, one may indeed do so on the morning of Tisha Be’av.

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Daughters of Etz Ahaim Appreciation Dinner
6:30 PM18:30

Daughters of Etz Ahaim Appreciation Dinner

With Special Thanks to:

Chana Bishburg - Rivka Greenberg - Diana Hakakian
Millie Hakim - Yvonne Levy - Carol Marcovici
Gloria Morris - Rose Reiss - Elizabeth Simon
Liba Shakarchi - Rachel Weintraub

For their service to Etz Ahaim and our community.


Dinner is $26 per person
All Women and Girls are Welcome

Reservations required.
Please make reservations by June 12th
To make reservations, contact Millie Hakim at 609-235-9192

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Second Annual Kugel Kiddush in Memory of Sorah Rosen
12:00 PM12:00

Second Annual Kugel Kiddush in Memory of Sorah Rosen


Last year, we sponsored our first annual Kugel Kiddush as a way to celebrate the uniqueness of the Highland Park Jewish community. Like many communities, we are a place where many of us have different outlooks and different traditions, but we still all remain friends because we are able to overlook these tiny differences and see everyone as part of the same Jewish body.

No one exemplified this more than Sorah Rosen. She was always cheerful and always had something nice to say to anyone. She loved children and Torah. She was a constant figure at Rabbi Bassous' classes and classes from Rabbis throughout our community. When she couldn't attend in person, she would listen to them online.

Sorah was a very special individual. In Michigan, before moving to HP, she started a Jewish library in her town in memory of her husband. She created a program to teach history to children using old photographs — a program adopted around the world. She was a pianist, and loved music.

In Sorah Rosen's memory, we are inviting everyone in the community, no matter what synagogue they call Home. No matter what tradition minchag they follow and join together in celebration that we all share the same Jewish Heritage and we are all children of Averham Avinu.

If you would like to help sponsor this event, please make a donation below.

Sponsor the Kugel Kiddush
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