Rabbi Stephen Baars — Scholar in Residence Dinner


Rabbi Stephen Baars — Scholar in Residence Dinner

from 14.00

Shabbat Dinner on May 24 at the Bridge Restaurant with Rabbi Baars. Dinner will be served family style with vegetarian options.

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Rabbi Stephen Baars, creator of BLISS, has been a pre-eminent educator and marriage counselor for more than 20 years. He is known for his talent in imparting important ideas with creativity and humor, especially in the areas of marriage and parenting.

Rabbi Baars has successfully counseled hundreds of couples, making marriage counseling his specialty. It was these counseling experiences, along with his extensive work motivating people that spurred him to begin the development of the BLISS seminar.

BLISS is one of the many educational seminars he has authored and presented over the past 20 years. Others include Thrill and The 13 Paradigms and his book, Bliss.

Born and educated in London, Rabbi Baars did nine years of post-graduate studies at the Aish HaTorah Rabbinical College in Jerusalem and studied comedy at UCLA with a well known comedian, Taylor Negron.

Rabbi Baars and his wife, Ruth, are blessed with seven children.