Shatnez Testing

Shatnez testing is available at the following locations. Rabbi Yosef Sayagh comes to Highland Park every week on Wednesday or Thursday to these locations, and does the testing is done on the premises. This means if you drop off your clothes by Wednesday at these locations, they will be checked by Friday.

For more information about shatnez testing, contact Rabbi Yosef Sayagh at 732-330-4103.


Rainbow Cleaners, 705 Raritan Ave, Highland Park 732-572-3896


Fashion Care Cleaners, 130 Plainfield Ave, Edison 732-572-1181

Note: Fashion Cleaners is permanently closing on June 28, 2019



The Clothing Center, 645 Highway 18 East Brunswick, 732-254-0870

Note: Unlike the other locations, Rabbi Yosef Sayagh does not stop by The Clothing Center Center on a regular basis. You must call Rabbi Yosef Sayagh and let him know that you have clothing there that needs to be checked for shatnez. The Clothing Center does not contact Rabbi Yosef Sayagh. Clothes are checked on premises, so once checked, they can be tailored.