The Choice

This week’s Torah Portion has a tremendous insight for us. It describes the avoda (temple service) on Yom Kippur. The Cohen Gadol (High Priest) must take two goats similar in size, height and looks. He then takes a lottery box with two gold pieces, on one was written ‘Holy to Hashem’ and on one was written ‘Azazel’ (a slang for hell in Israel today). The two goats are placed in front of him. The lot he pulls out with his right hand is the destiny of the goat to his right, the lot he pulls out with his left hand is the destiny of the goat on his left. Two goats exactly the same have two different destinies: ones destiny is to serve God and the other’s destiny is to be sentenced to wander through the wilderness and then be thrown off a high cliff.

This is similar to the choices in our lives. The Cohen Gadol is symbolic of a person’s free-will: we have two choices in life either to waste our time tin the wilderness of a purposeless wasted life of evil like the Antisemites and hate-mongers and other confused beings or to use life constructively and serve the Living God. Our ends in this world are seemingly all the same. Unfortunately human life is too fragile and short it's what we do with it that is the main thing. Let us all use it constructively in the Holy purposes of God and not just waste it completely in the purposelessness vanities of existence.