The Kohanim’s Garments

This weeks parashah, Tetzaveh deals with the garments of the Kohanim, Aharon, brother of Moshe and his sons, and their appointment to their exalted positions ministering to God in the Mishkan and Bet Hamikdash.

A regular Kohen had only four clothes to wear while serving Hashem: A shirt; pants, hat and belt. The Kohen Gadol had and additional four garments: Tzitz; coat; apron and Choshen.

The Cohanim were not allowed to to wear any other garments during their services despite the cold and rainy Jerusalem winters. They would basically complete their services and retire to a special room that had a fireplace called the Bet Hamoked where they also slept while on their bi-annual week of duty in addition to the chaggim.

There was a tremendous amount of symbolism to their clothes and all the vessels in the temple that I will talk about this Shabbat at 4.00 pm.