Iggeret HaRamban - Techniques for Successful Prayer

  1. Recognize Hashem as Master of the Universe.

  2. Meditate on how helpless and weak a person is and how great Hashem is.

  3. Pluck mundane pleasures from ones heart i.e. make mundane things holy by praying for them to serve Hashem better.

  4. Focus on love for Hashem, not anyone else.

  5. Consider that the true purpose of prayer is to increase Hashem’s influence in the world. When people see Jews building synagogues and praying they are more aware that Hashem is the Master of the Universe.

  6. Know that Hashem has the power to provide for whole universe.

  7. Pray for big things. Hashem is unlimited.

  8. Use prayer as a springboard to get closer to Hashem.

  9. Connect to Hashem.

  10. Use prayer to alter ones destiny.

  11. Words of prayer encapsulate ones thought. Without the proper thoughts the words are empty of meaning.

  12. Ponder each paragraph of prayer before verbalizing.

  13. Be an honest person for prayer to be answered.

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