Some Laws of Chanukah

  1. Electric Menorahs should not be used to fulfill the Mitzvah. Use either wax candles or oil. Olive oil is best.

  2. In order to beautify the Mitzvah, the Menorah itself should be attractive.

  3. If possible, one should light the Menorah 20 minutes after sunset, and the flame should burn for at least 30 minutes after the stars appear.

  4. If one did not light the candles at this time, one may light them with a Berachah as long as the family is awake. If he failed to light them until all are asleep, he may light them without a Berachah until daybreak.

  5. On Friday, the Chanukah Menorah is lit before the Shabbat candles. The Menorah must burn for at least 1/2 hour after the stars appear, which is a total of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from the time that they are lit. Therefore one should use longer candles.

  6. On Saturday night, the Menorah is lit in synagogue before Havdalah, and at home after Havdalah.

  7. On the first night, the wick or candle is placed on the extreme right of the Menorah. On every subsequent night, another wick or candle is placed to the left of this and the new one is always lit first.

  8. The candles or wicks must be placed in an even row at equal heights.

  9. There should be space between each wick so that it is easy to distinguish how many candles are burning.

  10. On the first night, three Berachot are recited before the candles are lit, as found in the Siddur. Every other night, only the first two Berachot are said.

  11. Aside from the Chanukah lights necessary for that night, an extra candle is lit: the Shamash. This is used to light the candles and stands apart the others. After the first flame is lit each night, the Heneroth Halalu is said as the others are lit.