A Special Request from Rabbi Bassous

Dear family and friends

In 1982 our family started a small shul in Goders Green, London in memory of our late father, Yechezkel ben Manashe A'H called Knesset Yechezkel.

Baruch Hashem, since then the shul has had to move twice into bigger facilities and has now started building an even larger facility that will be adequate for many years. We are starting a fundraising match campaign for Beth Hamedrash Knesset Yehezkel.

Please help us reach our goal so that we both share the merit of doing two major Mitzvot at one time - building a Shul and helping us do the Mitzva of Kibud Av which is truly Chessed Shel Emet.

Please give generously.

To obtain a tax deductible receipt in the USA, select USD from the list of currencies, and put your email address and you should receive a US tax deductible receipt.

May we always be involved in Mitzvot and Maasim Tovim!

Tizku le-mitzvot.

Rabbi David Bassous