Crazy Dave's Summer Clearance

It's time again for Crazy Dave's Summer Clearance!

We have coats, jackets, hats, and dozens of other winter miscellaneous gear! Other's may say they price their goods as if they're giving them away!

But we at Crazy Dave's are actually giving them away!

  • Winter Coats at $0.00!
  • Jackets at $0.00!
  • Men's pants at $0.00!
  • Kid's shoes at $0.00!

Come on down to our location at the coatroom at Etz Ahaim and stake your claim to some of this wonderful merchandise. We must clear it out for next winter's inventory. Claim it now before it becomes hefker! Don't wait!

Just look at our inventory:

If you recognize something of yours in these pictures, please come down and take it. If you don't want it, email me and let me know. Anything not claimed will be donated to tzedakah.