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Six Restrictions On Tisha B'Av


There are six restrictions that take effect beginning 8.23 pm on Shabbat July 21 which must be observed till the end of Tisha Be’av, Sunday July 22 at 9.05 pm. 

  1. Eating and drinking, 
  2. Washing oneself,
  3. Rubbing oneself with oils or lotions, 
  4. Wearing leather shoes, 
  5. Marital relations. 
  6. Our Sages also prohibited learning Torah on Tisha Be’av, for the words of Torah gladden the heart.

    The only portions of Torah that one may study are the book of Iyov (Job), the prophecies regarding the destruction of the Temple in the book of Yirmeya (Jeremiah), the portions of Midrash and Talmud regarding the destruction of the Temple, the laws of mourning, and the like. One may likewise learn Mussar which arouses one to repent and humble the heart.

One may not wash one’s body on Tisha Be’av with either hot or cold water; One may not even stick one’s finger into water (for pleasure). Thus, on the morning of Tisha Be’av, one should wash one’s hands (Netilat Yadayim) only until one’s knuckles three times on each hand while alternating hands, and then recite the blessing of “Al Netilat Yadayim.” After using the restroom, one should wash one’s hands the same way, only until the knuckles.

One should not wash one’s face on the morning of Tisha Be’av; rather, after washing one’s hands, before drying them while they are still wet, one may rub them over one’s eyes. If one is extremely concerned about one’s personal hygiene and does not feel at ease with himself without washing one’s face in the morning, one may indeed do so on the morning of Tisha Be’av.

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