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Second Annual Kugel Kiddush in Memory of Sorah Rosen


Last year, we sponsored our first annual Kugel Kiddush as a way to celebrate the uniqueness of the Highland Park Jewish community. Like many communities, we are a place where many of us have different outlooks and different traditions, but we still all remain friends because we are able to overlook these tiny differences and see everyone as part of the same Jewish body.

No one exemplified this more than Sorah Rosen. She was always cheerful and always had something nice to say to anyone. She loved children and Torah. She was a constant figure at Rabbi Bassous' classes and classes from Rabbis throughout our community. When she couldn't attend in person, she would listen to them online.

Sorah was a very special individual. In Michigan, before moving to HP, she started a Jewish library in her town in memory of her husband. She created a program to teach history to children using old photographs — a program adopted around the world. She was a pianist, and loved music.

In Sorah Rosen's memory, we are inviting everyone in the community, no matter what synagogue they call Home. No matter what tradition minchag they follow and join together in celebration that we all share the same Jewish Heritage and we are all children of Averham Avinu.

If you would like to help sponsor this event, please make a donation below.

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