Kugel Kiddush

  • Congregation Etz Ahaim 230 Denison Street Highland Park, NJ, 08904 United States

The Kugel Kiddush is a celebration of the entire Highland Park Jewish community and every one is welcome -- no matter what synagogue you call home. We're all part of this wonderful fellowship that is Highland Park.

We want to celebrate the uniqueness of the Highland Park Jewish community. Like many communities, we are a place where many of us have different outlooks and different traditions, but we still all remain friends because we are able to overlook these tiny differences and see everyone as part of the same Jewish body.

We are inviting everyone in the community, no matter what synagogue they call Home. No matter what tradition minchag they follow and join together in celebration that we all share the same Jewish Heritage and we are all children of Averham Avinu.

And please help make this an even more wonderful event by helping us with sponsorship.

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Kugel Kiddush
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