One may not eat or derive benefit from chometz which was owned by a Jew during Pesach. The following is a partial list of local stores and their status regarding the purchase of chometz.

  1. All stores under Vaad supervision are acceptable for the purchase of chometz. (Note: Baked items purchased from Dunkin Donuts the evening that Pesach ends, Tuesday, April 18, may not be eaten until 9:30 PM, because they were baked on Yom Tov. In general, throughout the year, one should wait one hour after the end of Shabbos or Yom Tov before eating Dunkin Donuts baked products.) The Vaad encourages the community to patronize local kosher establishments whenever possible.

  2. The following stores are acceptable for the purchase of chometz:
    Acme, Aldi (there is an Aldi store located locally at 2120 Route 27, Edison, just past Entenmann’s), BJ’s, Costco, CVS, Duane Read, Fairway, Rite Aid, Sam’s Club, Seven- Eleven, ShopRite (when the individual store is owned by a non-Jew, which includes ShopRite on Route 1 South, ShopRite on Route 18, ShopRite in East Brunswick and Bound Brook, or any ShopRite with a Kosher Experience), Trader Joe’s, Walgreen’s,, WalmartWegman’s and Whole Foods.

  3. Stop & Shop and Target are owned by non-Jews, however, C & S (Cohen & Siegel), one of their primary distributors, is Jewish-owned. Some Rabbonim have arranged a sale of the chometz for C&S, but there are divergent halachic opinions about the efficacy of the sale of a food establishment that continues to operate on Pesach. The Vaad recommends waiting until Lag Bo’emer, Sunday May 14, to purchase overt chometz from these establishments. (Overt chometz includes cereal, cookies, crackers, pretzels, grains, and flour. Products which contain vinegar, such as mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard, may be purchased, since it is probable that the vinegar is not chometz.)

  4. C&S does not supply fresh bread. Therefore, fresh bread under hashgocha may be purchased at any non-Jewish owned store, including Stop & Shop and Target, immediately after Pesach.

  5. Non-chometz items may be purchased from any store (e.g., fruit, vegetables, eggs, cooking oil, etc.)

  6. Since many alcoholic beverages are either definitely chometz or possibly chometz, they may not be purchased from a Jew who did not sell his chometz. The depletion of inventory in liquor stores takes longer than in supermarkets. As a result, we recommend waiting until after Shavuos before buying alcoholic beverages from a Jewish-owned store that did not arrange for the sale of chometz. Locally, one can purchase alcoholic beverages from Rite Aid, since it is a non-Jewish owned corporation.